Ghost Ring Tactical

Realistic training for today’s uncertain world

4-Day Urban Tactics 2

This course was designed to provide advanced drills and complex scenarios to the average citizen that regularly carries a concealed weapon.

This camp IS NOT for beginners or students with unsafe weapon handling skills. You will be expected to perform at a high level with live fire weapons. 

This course will provide you realistic training that will prepare you for today’s uncertain world.

Partner Drills 1
2-Man Vehicle Tactics
advanced medical
Medical Scenarios
shoot house
2-Man Shoot House
advanced low light
Advanced Low Light
Advanced scenarios
Complex UTM Drills
Fun Competitions
Fun Competitions
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This Camp Is For You…

  • If you carry a pistol everyday or want to?
  • If you feel a need to protect people weaker than you?
  • If you want to feel more prepared for possible life threatening situations?

During this Camp you will experience:

  • 2-man vehicle tactics
  • Shooting from inside a vehicle
  • Shooting through a windshield
  • Shooting from around and under a vehicle
  • 2-man CQB
  • Advanced 1-man CQB
  • Force on force scenarios
  • Complex UTM drills
  • Shooting and moving your partner out of danger
  • Shooting from the hip at arms distance
  • Learn when deadly force should be used
  • Learn when you should deescalate
  • Advanced low light drills
  • Shooting and moving at night
  • Using different flashlight techniques
  • Using your weapon mounted light
  • Putting on tourniquets under stress
  • Applying pressure dressing under fire
  • Self aid while engaging targets
  • Fun competitions 
  • Plus much more

Prerequisites To Attend Course

  • Must have basic handgun knowledge
  • Must have understanding of gun safety.
  • Understanding of gun handling
  • Must legally be able to handle firearms

Gear List!

  • Civilian Attire (clothing you wear everyday)
  • Long Sleeve Shirt (for force-on-force)
  • Gloves (for force-on-force)
  • Hydration Pack/ Large Reusable Bottle
  • Hat
  • Belt
  • Hiking Boots/or Tennis Shoes
  • Sunglasses/Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Sun Screen
  • Snacks
  • Chapstick
  • Handheld Flashlight
  • Handgun (weapon you normally carry)
  • Concealed Holster
  • 2-3 Magazines

Upcoming Courses – San Antonio, New Mexico

October 12 – 15th, 2023

October 10 – 13th, 2024

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Ghost Ring Tactical

6 Monthly Payments

(MUST be paid in full by camp date)
$334/a month for 6 months

3 Monthly Payments

(MUST be paid in full by camp date)
$667/a month for 3 months

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Being prepared and knowing what to do, is the key to your survival and the survival of others.

Ghost Ring Tactical
Ghost Ring Tactical

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