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3- Day Instructor Diagnostics and Development Course

(This is an exclusive class for limited enrollment)

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Are you an instructor looking to improve your diagnostic skills and coaching ability?
This extended course dives deep and gets into the minutia of hands-on and visual diagnostics and solutions in order to improve every aspect of pistol shooting for your students.
This class will have students testing and evaluating common techniques as well as putting to rest many misinterpreted or institutionalized techniques in modern pistol shooting.

We’ll cover topics in-depth such as:


  • Mental strategies to overcome fear, anticipation and performance anxiety
  • Skill assessment of students (what to look for and prioritize for their success)
  • Concepts of hand placement and application of grip pressures and their effects on accuracy
  • Tactile and visual diagnostics of shooter inputs
  • Hands on trigger isolation and grip isolation techniques
  • Aiming concepts and sight management
  • Handgun zeroing and how it affects point of impact at varying distance
  • Sight deviation and sight management
  • Aiming methods and solutions to common problems and misconceptions
  • Introduction and mastery of shot calling
  • Multiple target transitions
  • Understanding throttle control
  • Dry fire and live fire relevance
  • Differentiating diagnostic drills and performance drills
  • Structure of training/curriculum for meaningful progression and success
  • Concepts and coaching of movement with a pistol
  • Common errors, how to spot them and how to convey meaningful and sensible solutions
  • Skill progression and how it really works
  • Diagnostic workshop and mutual coaching amongst students
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Equipment needed:

  • 600-700 rounds of ammo
  • Reliable pistol
  • At least 3 magazines
  • Belt with quality holster and mag pouches
  • Safety equipment (Eye pro/Hearing pro)
  • Range bag/gear needed for a day at range
  • Relevant weather related gear (rain gear, umbrella, sunscreen, hat, jacket, gloves, etc…prepare for any weather

Included With Class:


  • Free pick-up and drop-off at Albuquerque airport
  • Free lodging for ALL nights
  • Free breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and all beverages
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3- Day Instructor Diagnostics and Development Course

February 18th – 20th, 2022

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