Episode 13 – Getting Into Precision Shooting

In this episode we bring on a special guest Micah Noe to help us discuss what you need to get started in Precision Shooting. We discuss:

• Choosing the right rifle for you

• How to choose the right scope

• What ammo you should be using 

• Extra gear to consider

• Old school vs New school techniques

• And much more! 

Episode 12 – Switching Over To A Red Dot?


In this episode we discuss switching over to a red dot on your pistol. We explain all the positive things as well as the negative things you will experience.

We dive into the best training practices and how you can get up to speed faster. We also discuss the specs and features we look for in a red dot and how to best maintenance your new purchase.

Episode 11 – How To Become The BEST Ninja You Can Be


In this episode we bring on special guest Joshua Thomas to discuss the importance of martial arts and how you can better prepare for a street fight.

(The ninja thing is joke, if you didn’t get it:-)

We discuss…

  • What it takes to win a street fight
  • Basic techniques best used to end a fight FAST
  • Techniques you can use to NOT get in a fight
  • What makes someone vulnerable to an attack
  • What you should include in your EDC
  • Other tools to have around the house to help with self defense
  • How often you should be training martial arts
  • And MUCH more!

Episode 10 – Everything You Need To Know…If You Carry Concealed


In this episode we discuss everything that has to do with carrying a weapon concealed.

  • Recommended weapon type
  • Size of the weapon
  • Bullet capacity
  • Safety or no safety 
  • Weapons mounted light vs handheld light
  • Pros and cons of all the carry positions
  • The right type of holster for you
  • And other EDC gear

This episode is for guys that have been carrying for years and those that may just be getting their concealed carry license. We share something for everyone.

Episode 9 – How To Be Fit For A Fight


In this episode we dive into 1 of the 4 tiers of survival…Physical Fitness.

We share with you the importance of cardio in a gun fight and hand to hand altercations. We discuss why agility and balance can keep you alive in a confrontation. Why you need to be strong and the benefits we have seen in real life scenarios. We also cover training with injures and the right nutrition plan for you.

And lastly….Romeo and I share our training routines and how we stay Fit to Fight.

Episode 8 – How To Take Down An Active Shooter


In this episode we discuss EVERYTHING active shooter related. We talk about all the important stats and research that has been done.

We dive into pre-threat indicators and how to be proactive before an attack.

Then we go through the 5 step strategy on how to deal with an active shooter if you find yourself in this position.

Episode 7 – Live Q&A on Tactics, Self Defense, Precision Rifles and More…


In this episode we discuss all sorts of topics. Here are just some of the questions:

  • What firearm and training is best for home defense?
  • What’s our recommendations for AR-15 set up?
  • Best strategy for firing at a bad guy in a crowd?
  • What is the best gear for the average joe?
  • .308 vs 6.5 creedmoor?
  • What’s a good budget friendly precision rifle?
  • And MUCH more!

Episode 6 – How To Keep Your Skills Sharp During Quarantine


In this episode we discuss how you can keep your skills sharp during quarantine through different dry fire drills.

We discuss our dry fire routines and the tools we use to improve our sessions.

Plus we share our favorite dry fire drills and a bunch of other drills to make sure you stay sharp.



Episode 5 – Training Philosophies YOU Should Be Following


In this episode we discuss the training philosophies that we have discovered to be the most beneficial when it comes to defensive shooting.
Romeo and I have seen a lot over our 20 years of being firearms instructors. We have seen the GOOD and we have seen the REALLY BAD.
Learn what we recommend when it comes to your training and how you can get the most out of every round fired and every dry fire practice performed.



Episode 4 – 5 Major Take Aways From A REAL Gun Fight


In this episode we talk about the shit that went down in Ramadi back in 2004. 
Romeo shares what it was like to be in charge of a Sniper Team and what he looked for in his recruits. He also shares his  experience coming under fire for the first in Ramadi. 
Find out how him and his 4 man sniper team fought their way through 30 insurgents and survived to talk about it.  
Then discover his 5 major take aways and how you can learn from it. 




Episode 3 – The Coronavirus…We Are ALL Going To Die

In this episode we talk about what we think about this virus and how society is reacting to it.
I also share with you how I have prepared for situations like this, and how you can better prepare yourself and your family for WORST case scenarios.
Don’t miss out on finding out all the items I have in my bugout bag and all the extra resources you should have so you are ready for the collapse of society




Episode 2 – The MAN we call Romeo Santiago

In this episode we dive into Romeo’s background. Find out all about him growing up in the Philippine jungles and his journey that got him to where he is now. You don’t want to miss out on any of the debauchery!




Episode 1 – The legend of Nick Rians

In this episode we discuss a little about what The American GunSlinger podcast will be covering. Then we take a deep dive into Nick Rians past and see what really makes him tick.