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Improve Your defensive Handgun skills in just 2-days

2-Day Protector Pistol Course – San Antonio, New Mexico

Are you a gun owner looking to improve your defensive skills? Have you only taken a few professional firearms courses or maybe NONE at all? Does most of your shooting experience come from a static shooting range? Maybe you are a brand-new gun owner who has only shot a few times.

If any of these sound like you, then this 2-Day Protector Pistol course is for you.

Ghost Ring Tactical

You Will Learn How To…

✅ Properly draw from the holster – concealed or open carry
✅ Master the 4 main principles of marksmanship
✅ Pros and Cons of all concealed carry positions
✅ How to clear malfunctions
✅ Shoot single handed – strong and support side
✅ Run a speed reload in record time
✅ Shooting on the move
✅ Shooting from different positions
✅ Draw and hit your target in under 2 seconds
✅ And MUCH more!
Handgun & Rifle Training
Drawing Your weapon
Handgun & Rifle Training
Hand to Hand Combat
Single Hand shooting
Vehicle tactics

Master The 4 Principles Of Marksmanship

Most of us DON’T spend enough time on the principles of marksmanship. Mastering these concepts is what makes a GREAT shooter.

  • Master Grip
  • Trigger Control
  • Proper Sight Alignment & Sight Picture
  • Defensive Stance

Not until we have perfected these principles can we move on to more advanced drills.


Shooting on the Move

Most gun fights are VERY dynamic. There will be lots of movement. You may find yourself moving forwards, backwards, laterally or you might end up tripping and falling and having to fight off the ground. 

This is why we cover every aspect of movement during the camp because of how IMPORTANT it is in a real world gun fight.

Having these skills may make the difference of you saving your life or someone else’s.

shooting on the move
Ghost Ring Tactical

Shooting From Different Positions

Just like shooting and moving is important in a real gun fight, so is learning how to shoot from alternate positions. 

Being about to shoot well from a kneeling, prone, urban prone, or supine position may make the difference in winning a gun fight. 


Prerequisites To Attend Course

  • Must have basic handgun knowledge
  • Must have understanding of gun safety.
  • Understanding of gun handling
  • Must legally be able to handle firearms


Ghost Ring Tactical

The Ranch

The Protector Pistol Course is run at our private 400-acre ranch in San Antonio, NM. On the property we have multiple live fire ranges, a six room shoot house, quarter mile obstacle course, run and gun course, 5 to 1000 yard ranges, combatives pit and plenty of other land to play on.

Ghost Ring Tactical

Food & Shelter

Another benefit of this event is that your food and sleeping quarters are provided in the cost. We built a 2000 sq ft off the grid bunkhouse out of shipping containers that can sleep up to 30 people.

Ghost Ring Tactical


You don’t need to worry about finding ammo. We provide all your ammo for the 2-days. This benefit alone is worth the price of the course.

Qualify To Get Your New Mexico Concealed Carry License

If you don’t already have your New Mexico concealed carry permit, this is the perfect time to get it. 

This course meets all state requirements and we are NM certified concealed carry instructors.

Once you sign up, we will email you asking your interest in this bonus and get you the online course you need to complete before attending this live course. 

Upcoming Courses

October 9th – 10th, 2021

**After Signing Up Below You Will Select Your Desired Camp Date On Our Survey.

Don’t Take our word for it…

Being prepared and knowing what to do, is the key to your survival and the survival of others.

All-Inclusive Camp Includes:

  • Lodging  (Value $389)

  • All Food, Snacks, and Alcohol Provided (Value $100)

  • Ammo Included – 9mm, 40cal, 45 (Value $350)

  • 2 Days of Training (Value $600)

TOTAL = $1439 (Get 55% OFF today!)

30% Deposit

(Save your spot today...BEFORE all spots are sold out!)
$431193/pay the rest 30 days prior to event

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