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What We Are About

Here at Ghost Ring Tactical we help shooters just like you take their skills to the next level with our 4 Tier Survival System. 

Tier 1 = Dry Fire Training

Tier 2 = Physical Training

Tier 3 = Live Fire Training

Tier 4 = Hand-To-Hand Combat Training

We believe being well rounded in all 4 of these Tiers will make you the most successful in almost any survival situation. 

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  • Access To Daily Dry Fire Drill Videos
  • Access To Monthly LIVE Fire Drill Videos
  • Access To Monthly Hand-To-Hand Drill Videos
  • Access To All 8 LIVE Fire Tests & Training Videos
  • Awarded Certificate, Patches & Dog Tags For Every Level Passed
  • Access To The Operator Workout Program
  • Attend Specialty Workshops
  • Access To Advanced LIVE Fire Drills
  • Awarded Yearly Challenge Coins

Access To Daily Dry Fire Drill Videos



Becoming a PRO is all about practice. Our daily dry fire drills will give you that practice. Everyday a new drill with a video demo is released to you on our membership site.

Access To Monthly LIVE Fire Drill Videos

Dry fire is only the beginning. We provide you with monthly live fire drills to test your new skills. Do these at the indoor range, your backyard, or outdoor range.

Access To Monthly Hand-To-Hand Drill Videos

What happens if you get into a situation and you don’t have a firearm? We teach you everything you need to know with our monthly self defense drills.

Attend Specialty Workshops

Every quarter we offer special workshops where you can learn from First Responders, CIA Agents, Preppers, Law Enforcement, Survialists, Current Spec-Ops, Seasoned Operators and much more! 

Level 1 – 8 LIVE Fire Tests

What Level Shooter Are you?

During this program you will work your way through 8 different shooting tests.

After each test you will be required to submit a picture of your target to our HQ for verification. You will also be required to fill in our online form showing your times for each course of fire.   

Once we have verified your test, we send you your certificate of achievement and your new Level Patch in the mail.

The OPERATOR Workout Program

Physical fitness is a crucial part when it comes to survival situations. Let us help you get in shape with our tested workout program. You will receive weekly workouts that will start you at Level 1 and work you up to a Level 8 athlete.

Weekly Workout Videos

Need some guidance with your workouts? If so, these follow along videos are for you. These are science based workouts that will get you STRONG and better CONDITIONED so you can handle any survival situation.

Printable Workout Sheets

Maybe workout videos aren’t for you? No problem…we provide you with easy to follow workout spread sheets you can print out and bring to the gym with you to make your workouts that much easier.

Level 1 – 8 Fitness Tests

All our workout videos and printable workout sheets get you prepared to see where you rank in our Fitness Level Testing system. Work your way from Level 1 all the way to our ELITE Level 8 rank.

Get rewarded for your daily training

Points = Accountability

We know how HARD it is to stay accountable to your training goals. 

That is why we reward you with points for every training task you complete on the website.

You can then use these points to get Ghost Ring Tactical gear in our store. 

You read that correctly, we send you real tangible items in the mail to reward you for keeping up on your training. 

You will be able to turn your points in for T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Beanies, Water Bottles, Car Decals, and more…

You have NOTHING to lose when trying out either of our  Memberships. We offer a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee, so you feel safe when making this decision.


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