Nick Rians
Sgt. Nick Rians
Nick Rians

Former US Marine – 2/4 Infantry Battalion

  • Urban Warfare Specialist
  • Rifle Range Instructor
  • Squad Tactics
  • Close Combat Instructor
  • Infantry Platoon Sgt
  • Participated in 3 operations in the Middle East

Former Police Officer

NRA Certified Instructor – Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, and Protection In The Home

Former Instructor at Firearms Training Associates & Surefire Institute

  • Live Fire Entry & Advanced Live Fire Entry
  • CCW & CCW Scenarios
  • Glock Armorer
  • Advanced Pistol, Carbine, Scenarios
  • Pistol & Rifle Low Light

Executive Protection Specialist

  • Provided EP for high value executives & families
  • Executive protection for Hollywood VIP’s
  • Provided protection for battered women & children

Martial Arts Background – Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kenpo, American Boxing, Krav Maga

Micah Noe
Ghost Ring Tactical

Micah Noe, COTA/L

US Air Force Combat Search and Rescue Veteran, 11 years:

  • Combat Rescue Flight Engineer 33rd Rescue Squadron
  • Special Missions Aviator Instructor 512th Rescue Squadron
  • 5 Afghanistan deployments
  • Graduate Combat Survival Training Course

NRA Certified Instructor:

  • Pistol, Defensive Pistol, Rifle, Concealed Carry, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home

Additional Skill Sets:

  • Owner/Lead Instructor at High Desert Training Partners
  • USPSA competitive shooter
  • New Mexico Police Officer Standards and Training precision rifle certification
  • Certified Sig Sauer armorer
  • Professionally Trained Chef
  • Ghost Ring Tactical Bus Driver
  • Camp Shrink (in case you need to talk about your feelings and get snuggles after class)
Tim Proctor
Tim Proctor 2

Tim Proctor

  • 19 years of Law Enforcement Experience.
  • Currently 9 years as Supervisory Federal Agent. Have been assigned to USMS Fugitive Task Force, DEA Task ForceIncluding under cover work with the DEA, Team Commander of Narcotics TF and Team Commander of ERAD Team
  • Prior spent 10 years as a Patrol Officer
  • Assigned to SWAT as Entry and Sniper
  • Holds multiple private, state, and federal firearms instructor certs
  • Chemical Munitions Instructor
  • Active Threat engagement instructor
  • Control tactics instructor
  • Martial Arts for over 15 years
    • Tai Kwon Do
    • Jujitsu
    • Jeet Kune Do
      Chad Caudy 2

      Chad Caudy

      Firefighter/EMT since 2002

        • Worked at a high call volume department in southwest Ohio before relocating to middle Tennessee where he has been a Firefighter/ Engineer for the last six years. 

      SWAT Entry Team Member

      SWAT Medic

      Trains regularly in sporting and tactical shooting applications, emergency/ tactical medicine, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. 


        • NFPA Fire Instructor 
        • TECC Instructor 
        • Stop the Bleed Instructor 
        • NRA Instructor
        • NRA Range Safety Officer 

      Former male stripper nicknamed “CANDY CANE”

      Marcos Sanchez 2

      Marcos Sanchez

      Owner/Operator of Sanchez Tactical LLC

        • Offering firearms training specializing in handgun/concealed carry instruction. 

      NRA Certified Instructor

        • Pistol instructor 
        • Rifle instructor 
        • Personal protection inside the home 
        • Personal protection outside the home 


        • NM approved CCW instructor #1024 
        • IDPA competitive shooter
        • USPSA Competitive Shooter
        • Federal Firearms License Holder
        • Krav Maga Israel and Warrior Certified Instructor

      Ryan Romero


      • 12 years experience working in large caliber applied ballistics and explosives experimentation with the DOE and DOD
      • GRT Alumni
      • USPSA competitive shooter
      • Black Rifle competitive shooter
      • Competition Dynamics, Team Steel Safari, Precision Rifle competitor
      • One confirmed lizard kill with an RPG

      Other Skillsets: 

        • Ex-Team Green Kawasaki Sponsored professional motocross/off-road racer
        • USMCA Certified motorcycle coach
        • Trained with USPSA Grand Master Tim Herron, USPSA Master AJ Zitto
        • Stop the Bleed Certified
        Ryan Romero

        DJ Calloway

        • Attended all GRT camps multiple times
        • Shooting long distance for 6+ years
        • Reloading precison rifle rounds for 4+ years
        • Team Safari competitor
        • Made multiple 2K yard shoots
        • Has 200+ coyote kills
        • Has 1000+ rock chuck kills
        DJ calloway

        Tell Lowrance

        GRT Premiere Media Representative

        • 2nd year working with Ghost Ring Tactical continuously risking my life to make you look cool.
        • Pulitzer Prize Candidate For photos taken across Europe including the U.K., France and Ukraine

        War Correspondent

        • Two journeys into Ukraine
        • Embedded with soldiers, civilians, NGO’s and humanitarians
        • Various articles and photographs published

        Professional Photographer

        • Reality
        • Action
        • Weddings
        • Landscapes
        • Nightscapes
        • Portraits
        • Sporting and Events
          Tell Lowrance
          tell lowrance 2

          David Bergman

          Owner/Operator of Katalyst Krav Maga

          • Specialist at teaching Martial Arts and Combatives Skills
          • Martial arts practitioner for nearly 2 decades  
          • Teaching Krav Maga professionally for over a decade


          • Krav Maga Israel 2nd degree Black Belt
          • Krav Maga Israel Level III Instructor (Highest level)
          • Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt (currently most training No-Gi)
          • 4th degree Black belt in Karate
          • CPR/AED Certified
          • Stop the bleed Certified Instructor
          • ACE personal trainer (expired)
          • ShivWorks Alumni (5 courses total)
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          david bergman 2
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