Realistic training for today’s uncertain world

3-Day Advanced CCW & Vehicle Combat Tactics  – San Antonio, New Mexico

This is NOT a beginner CCW course. This course was designed to enhance the skills of the people that carry a weapon everyday. We believe that most courses offered today, DO NOT provide enough training. This course will provide you realistic training that will prepare you for today’s uncertain world.       

Are You A Protector?

In todays world we need to be ready for anything. Most of us get our CCW license so we can protect ourselves and our loved ones.

But most people have never realistically trained these types of scenarios. In this course we will show you what it takes to be a protector and get yourself in between the bad guy and the ones you love. 

Handgun & Rifle Training
Drawing From Concealed
Handgun & Rifle Training
Partner Drills
Hand to Hand Combat
Shoot House

Vehicle Combat Tactics

Most of us spend A LOT of time in our vehicles driving to and from work, dropping the kids off at school, and going to and from stores and resturants. 

The likely hood of us being presented with a deadly situation while we are in our vehicle is VERY high. 

That is why in this course we teach you how to fight from inside and around your vehicle so you and your family can stay safe.


Real Life Scenarios

Get 1 FULL day to really test the skills you have learned and see how you will react when the stress levels are cranked up.

We have learned that people retain a lot more of the knowledge taught when put into mock scenarios where they have to use critical thinking skills and quick decision making to solve a problem.

After this final day you will walk away from this course with the confidence and mindset needed to protector yourself and others from deadly threats.

Low Light Training

Over 70% of shootings happen at night, but most of us have NEVER shot or manipulated our weapon at night. 

In this course we will teach you all the handheld flashlight techniques as well as how to use weapon mounted lights.

You will then be engaging targets at night using the techniques we have taught you.

We will also be drilling how to manipulate your weapon in complete darkness, so you will have the confidence needed when the lights go out. 


Prerequisites To Attend Course

  • Must have basic handgun knowledge
  • Must have understanding of gun safety.
  • Understanding of gun handling
  • Must legally be able to handle firearms


The Ranch

The Tactical Camp is run at our private 300-acre ranch in San Antonio, NM. Not only do we have the 300 acres to play on, but we also have access to another 4000 acres that we use for the FINAL Escape & Evade test. Do you have what it takes to pass the test?

Food & Shelter

Another benefit of this event is that your food and sleeping quarters are provided in the cost. We built a 1280 sq ft off the grid bunkhouse out of shipping containers that can sleep up to 24 people. Yes, you will be sharing a room and bonding with your other male teammates.


If you’re within driving distance, you are more than welcome to drive out to the ranch the morning of the event or you can arrive the Thursday before the event starts and spend the night at the ranch

If you are flying in, we have a van that will pick you up from the Albuquerque airport the Thursday before the event at 5pm sharp and will drop you off at 4pm on Sunday so you don’t have to worry about the extra expense of renting a vehicle.


All Inclusive Event

• All meals are included

• Pick-up and drop off at the Albuquerque Sunport airport

• All ammo will be provided

• Sleeping quarters provided for all participants

Upcoming Courses

August 21st – 23rd, 2020

November 6th – 8th, 2020

30% Deposit

(Save your spot today...ONLY 20 spots available)
$254215/pay the rest 30 days prior to event
  • Price Includes:
  • Pick up & drop off at airport
  • Lodging
  • All food
  • All ammo (9mm, 40cal, 45)
  • 3 days of training
  • Read REFUND policy here

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 Still Not Convinced?


Give us a call so we can answer any questions you may still have. 


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