Get The Skills & Knowledge To counter An Active Shooter

3-Day Active Shooter Course  – San Antonio, New Mexico

In todays uncertain world, we need to have the skills and knowledge to deal with an active shooter threat if the situation presents itself. Being prepared and knowing what to do is the key to your survival and the survival of others. 

Active Shooter Strategies

  • Knowing the 5 basic strategies in an active shooter threat.
  • Learn to be mentally and physically prepared to deal with an active shooter situation.
  • Law Enforcement may arrive AFTER the shooting has ended. Learn what you can do to prevent casualties.
  • No SINGLE response fits all active shooter scenarios. Learn multiple response options.
  • Actions with the greatest impact on the outcome will be taken by persons already at the scene.

Countering An Active Shooter

Handgun & Rifle Training
  • Marksmanship

  • Fundamentals

  • Stance

  • Malfunction drills

  • Loading and unloading

Run & Gun Course
Holster Work
    • Drawing from a holster in a tactical and rapid manner
    • Engaging targets at conversational distances
Hand to Hand Combat
Shooting & Moving
  • Shooting on the move
  • Increasing target distances
  • Action shooting
  • Running engagement course

If you are going to be successful in countering an active shooter and preventing lives from being lost, there are a lot of skills needed to make sure you are FULLY prepared.

Handgun & Rifle Training
Drawing From Concealed
Run & Gun Course
Building Clearing
Hand to Hand Combat
Cover & Concealment

Emergency Casualty Care

  • The threat is taken care of…NOW what?
  • Learn the skills needed to keep the wounded alive.
  • Get 1 full day of casualty care training, plus another full day of scenario drills.
  • Hands on drills that will get you to remember what you are taught.
  • No other medical training needed to be successful.
  • Learn how to apply tourniquets, pressure bandages, chest seals, and much more.


Real Life Scenarios

Handgun & Rifle Training
Bladed Weapons
Run & Gun Course
Hand to Hand Combat
Casualty Care

Real Life Scenarios

Get 1 FULL day to really test the skills you have learned and see how you will react when the stress levels are cranked up.

We have learned that people retain a lot more of the knowledge taught when put into mock scenarios where they have to use critical thinking skills and quick decision making to solve a problem.

After this final day you will walk away from this course with the confidents and mindset needed to counter any active shooter situation.

Prerequisites To Attend Course

  • Must have basic handgun knowledge
  • Must have understanding of gun safety.
  • Understanding of gun handling
  • Must legally be able to handle firearms

After this event you will walk away with the knowledge you need to defend yourself and others from an active shooter,  and be able to save lives with your new emergency casualty care skills. You will also gain the confidence that you now have what it takes to take action against an active shooter through our real life scenarios.

On top of all the knowledge gained, you will also receive your certified citizen certificate from ALICE, a federally recognized organization.


Upcoming Active Shooter Course

June 5th – 7th, 2020

October 16th – 18th, 2020

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