Level 1 live fire test

Whatever you do….STOP doing this!

So many times, I go to the range and I see people just blasting rounds down range with ZERO purpose.

What do I mean by this…let me explain.

This past weekend I witnessed my son hit the range and I saw that all he wanted to do was take his new guns and put rounds down range.

After I saw him do through a WHOLE mag on his Socom that his grandfather just gave him, I asked him what he was training.

He just looked at me with a blank stare.

I told him every round that came out of that rifle, should have a purpose.

Are you zeroing the weapon? Are you shooting for accuracy? Are you working positions? Are you working on acquiring your sites faster?

Or are you just wasting ammo?

I then went on to explain the course of fire I did with him and the wifey earlier all had a purpose. We started on working the fundamentals by getting all shots inside a small circle on the target from the 5, then the 7 and then the 10 yard line.

Once we had that down, we progressed to speed drills. We worked on single shots from the holster with a shot timer. Then we progressed to accelerated pairs and then ended with 4 to 6 rapid shots to make sure we weren’t just training 2 shots at a time, because the objective in a gun fight is to continue to fire until the threat is down.

My point to this, is that you need to have a plan before you hit the range. Write out exactly what you are going to drill before you get there.

Ammo is expensive and you should not be wasting quality training time just sending rounds down range without a purpose.

If you need help with coming up with drills before you hit the range, just let me know and I would be happy to help.

Stay Frosty,

Sgt Nick Rians