survive an active shooter

With all the active shootings that have been happening, this has become a HOT topic for a lot of our participants and readers.

We never know how we are going to react in a stressful situation like this.

  • Will I freeze up?
  • Will I try and tell myself this isn’t happening?
  • Will I fight back?

Unless you have been in a high stress situation or at least put yourself through a course that has high stress scenarios, it’s tough to say how you will react.

In combat I have seen guys that I thought we tough, strong, and a good leader fall apart when rounds started flying…

But on the same hand, I’ve seen guys that I thought were a piece of shit, rise to the occasion and kick some ass.

active shooter

That is why we have put together a 4-Day Urban Tactics Camp to teach you the skills you need to survive an attack and then to see how well you react when we crank up the heat.

building clearing
force on force
active shooter 2

We will teach you:

  • The 5 basic strategies in an active shooter threat.
  • Learn to be mentally and physically prepared to deal with an active shooter situation.
  • Learn what you can do to prevent casualties.
  • No SINGLE response fits all active shooter scenarios. Learn multiple response options.
  • Learn marksmanship skills
  • How to shoot while moving
  • Drawing from concealed
  • Building clearing strategies for active shooters
  • Cover and concealment techniques
  • Emergency casualty care
  • Defense against firearms and bladed weapons
  • Scenarios that will test your skills and give you the confidents and mindset needed to counter any active shooter situation.

We have already seen, actions with the greatest impact on the outcome of an active shooter situation will be taken by persons already at the scene.

We need to have the skills and knowledge to deal with an active shooter threat if the situation presents itself.

Being prepared and knowing what to do is the key to your survival and the survival of others.

If you are interested in learning more about this course, give me a call 575-322-2188.