DFAT from DST Precision

I’m a big fan of dry fire training. You can practice every aspect of marksmanship except for recoil mitigation.

The DFAT is basically a small plastic lens housed inside a Butler Creek scope cap. It attaches to your objective lens just like one

What it does is it reduces the aperture of your objective lens so that you can focus on something that is about 12’ away. Perfect for dry firing your precision rifle at home.

You can see that the kit included a set of scenery pictures. Within the pictures are targets that are too scale of the scenery and distance it depicts on the picture.

The sight picture is pretty good at 12 feet specially in good lighting. I like that there are different sizes and are numbered so you can set up a course for yourself. IE shot at target 1 then traverse to target 5 using a different shooting position.

The size I bought was supposed to fit a 50 mm objective lens but was slightly too big. I placed small strips of duct tape on the inside of the cap and problem was solved.

I feel that the DFAT is a good device. It works as described. Well worth the $60 I paid for the kit. I used it almost every day and have gotten at least 400 dry fire pulls out of it. Each box of ammo is around $40. It already has paid for itself 20 times over.

DFAT targets
DFAT target 2

You can purchase the system here – http://dstprecision.net/order-dfat.html

(This is our review to help you and we get NOTHING in return from DST Precision, so you can trust we are not just trying to sell you something)

I want to keep this fairly short but feel free to ask me any questions regarding the DFAT.