New guns

How much have you spent over the last year on new guns and gear? Most likely you will have to do some thinking and calculating, but I challenge you to do this today.

What is you total?

Mine is $3110. I purchased a new Glock 19, sniper rifle, and a bunch of new gear.

But I also spent $2650 on training courses (yes, I still attend other peoples training courses) to improve my knowledge and skills.

So my next question is how much have you spent on improving your skills over the last year?

Usually what we spend on training is a lot less than what we spend on new guns and gear.

Yes, I love new stuff just as much as you do, but I also understand how important it is to continue to improve my knowledge and skills.

I’d rather take a stock weapon and skip on all the fancy upgrades and use that money for a training course.

Glock 19
Sniper Rifle

So make a plan…how many training courses would you like to attend within one year…2,4,8,10? Once you know that number, make a Hit List of all the courses you would like to attend.

Tactical camp

Check the dates of those courses and add them to your calendar (hopefully one you walk by or see everyday).

This will help remind you of what your goal is and hopefully help you save up for those courses.

The skills you learn in one of these courses may save your life or someone else’s.

Stay Frosty,

Sgt Nick Rians