drawing from concealed

“Do you carry concealed?”, This is a question we ask all of our warriors that attend our Tactical Camp. About 70% of the attendees raise their hand.

Then we ask how many of them have attended any CCW courses outside of the licensing class.

We get about 5% that raise their hand.

This is a SCARY percentage. What most CCW courses teach you to get your carry license IS NOT ENOUGH.

If you are going to have a gun on you everyday, you need to be well trained on how to use that weapon, but also well trained in:

real life drills ccw
  • Drawing from concealed
  • Reloading from concealed
  • Drawing from awkward positions
  • Shooting from awkward positions
  • Drawing while in your vehicle
  • Shooting from inside and around your vehicle
  • And much more…
Vehicle tactics

Now a lot of this can be done dry fire, but we all know how bad some of you are at getting in your dry fire training.

But at least do 3 to 5 draws from concealed before you head out the house with that gun (Make sure you unload the weapon before doing your practice draws).

shoot house

This will be enough to build those neural pathways, so if you do have to draw when your stress levels are maxed, you will be able to perform without thinking.

So I urge you to take my advice on getting those practice draws from concealment and also take a look at some advanced CCW courses in your area.

If you can’t find one, checkout our 4-Day Urban Tactics Camp. I see a growing problem with people getting their CCW license, but not receiving enough training.

Stay Frosty,

Sgt Nick Rians