It seems like everyday we hear about people being attacked in their homes, mass shootings, people being stabbed, and all sorts of other heinous crimes.

The odds are you may NEVER encounter any of these things, but WHAT IF you end up being in this small percentage…do you feel prepared?

You might say “yes”, because that is the tough guy thing to say, but honestly if you haven’t been put into this type of situation, you NEVER really know how you are going to react.

I have seen guys that I thought were stand up guys crumble when a gun is put in their face.

I have seen guys that I thought were pieces of shit, rise to the occasion when lives were on the line.

This is what has brought me to the conclusion, that we really don’t know how we are going to react.

This is one of the reasons we run real life scenarios during our camps. It allows YOU to see how you are going to react in mock real life situation…you may be surprised at how well you react or you might be surprised at how badly you react.

But no matter what, you walk away with a teachable lesson. You learn what you did well and you learn what you may need to work on. Because the last thing we want is to test this on the street when your life and/or someone else’s life is on the line.

So if you haven’t put yourself through this type of training, please seek out training that provides this type of training utilizing UTM rounds, SIM rounds, airsoft, shock knives, and any other tools that makes you think yourself out of the situation.

The training should test you on deescalation, knife attacks, gun attacks, and hand to hand scenarios so you can really see how you are going to react when those stress levels are escalated!

Stay Frosty,

Sgt Nick Rians