I purchased my Kel-Tec KSG about 3 months ago for home protection and I have to say I’m loving it!

My (and my wife’s) go to gun for home defense USED to be my trusty Remington 870 with a Surefire Forend, but after playing with this new KSG, the boom stick is getting replaced!

Don’t get me wrong, the 870 is a great weapon and I will definitely still use it, but it is no longer my first choice if I get woken up in the middle of the night by bad guys trying to get into my house.

One of the main reasons is the size. The KSG is overall length is ONLY 26.1″ compared to the 870’s 39″. This size difference allows me to maneuver inside my house way easier in the case I needed to pie doorways and so on.

The size of the KSG is also easier for my wife to handle. With the short length, she is able to to get into a defensive position and hold the shotgun up longer without getting tired.

The next big PLUS is the ammo capacity. With my 870 I can hold 6 in the tube and 1 in the chamber. With the KSG I can hold 14 total in its 2 tubes and 1 in the chamber. That’s whole lot of ammo that can be used to make sure ANY threat is eliminated.

You will need to add a light to the weapon, iron sights, optic (optional), and foregrip (optional).

So if you are in the market for a new home defense weapon, I DO NOT suggest a handgun or rifle to be your go to. Checkout out the Kel-Tec KSG next time you are in your local gun shop.

(And just so you know, I’m not getting paid or making money in ANYWAY by suggesting you checkout this weapon)

Stay Frosty,

Sgt Nick Rians