Think of firearms training the same way as training for a sport. In sports, you are taught various techniques.

The instruction then progresses to more advance techniques and you learn to chain them together to accomplish the end goal, ie scoring, passing, hitting etc.

When training in sports, you drill a set pattern repeatedly until you get that particular technique down.

For training purposes, this pattern is fixed to present a specific scenario. Things are fluid and dynamic in an actual game.

You have to use multiple techniques you have learned to defeat the opposing team.

Think about playing a game of basketball.

You have learned how to run, dribble, pass, shoot etc.

You chain various techniques together to get past your opponent and score.

The techniques you use or the way you chain them together is dependent on the variables that your opponent is presenting.

Gunfights are fluid and dynamic just like a game of basketball.

Firearm training drills are designed to teach you a skill. Gain the skill and more importantly, have a cognitive understanding of the application of that skill.

Just like basketball, you will have to use various techniques to defeat the opposing force.

Which techniques you use or how you chain them together is dependent on the variables that the opponent is presenting.

This is why it’s so important to teach and train both techniques AND how to chain them together.

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