Your training HAS to be as realistic as possible if you want skills that will translate to real life situations.

To often I see squared away guys that I think will have my back when the shit goes down, just crumble under the pressure.

And on the other hand I’ve seen guys that I thought would crumble under pressure, rise to the occasion and pull through for their buddies to the left and the right of them.

This is why your training has to be as realistic as possible to see how YOU are going to perform.

force on force

We do this in our Tactical Camps in a couple different ways.

  • The Suit – after we spend hours with you teaching you combatives techniques, our instructor throws on his protective suit and we test you in real life situations. The suit allows you to be able to strike our instructor as hard as you want and simulate a real fight as close as we can get. This allows us to see how you are going to react when you HAVE to go hands on. You may be surprised on how you react.


  • Force-on-Force – During the camp we run you through multiple scenarios where you might have to go hands-on, you might have to draw your weapon and engage, or you might need to talk your way out of the situation. All of this tests you in how you are going to react when someone approaches you on the street.


  • Final Test – I can’t give you too much info on this final test, but I will tell you this. We will push your stress levels and see how well your training kicks in. You will have to remain calm and think your way through problems as chaos is going on around you.

So no matter if you are going to attend one of our camps or training on your own. Make your training as realistic as possible or seek out training that will push you out of your comfort zone.

Stay Frosty,

Sgt Nick Rians