BE AGGRESSIVE!! No matter if it’s a gun fight or hands on, whoever is MORE aggressive is the one that usually walks away. You need to be able to flip that switch if the time ever comes.

We received this question on our Facebook page after making the above post:

“Honest question, is the way we train the everyday armed citizen setting them up for failure in the courtroom? We train only to defend in the event that you are fear for your life or great bodily harm. We do not train to actively pursue a threat only enough force to stop the threat and allow for escape. If you are actively hunting down someone then the jury might find it hard to believe that you were in fear for your life.”

This is a VERY good question and why I want to share our answer with you. We always teach our civilian classes that getting in that gun fight or hands on altercation is the LAST thing they want to do.

We always need to try and deescalate the situation or not put ourselves into situations that could be trouble.

It may not be the COOL things to do because you want to go test your skills, but not having to deal with the legal non-sense after an event is a PLUS.

Take building clearing for example. We first start off by saying the LAST thing you want to do is clear a building. #1 option, call the police and let them do their job.

If someone breaks in your house, you NEVER go hunting, you always let them come to you, even if it’s not the cool thing to do.

BUT…if you get into a situation (hands on or gun fight) when there is no other option, IF YOUR life or someone else’s life is in imminent danger, then it’s time to flip the switch and be aggressive as possible!

This is what will keep you and the others that you are protecting ALIVE.

Stay Frosty,

Sgt Nick Rians