Move and shoot
Today I wanted to talk a little about moving and shooting. We cover this briefly in our Level 1 Tactical Camps and we go into even more detail in our Level 2 Camp.

I believe this is so important because if you get into a fire fight on the street, most likely you will be reacting to someone drawing on you.

In that split second when you realize what is happening, what will be your initial reaction?

  • Will you just stand there?
  • Will you start backing away?
  • Will you run for cover?

Honestly, you probably have NO idea what you would do unless you are put into that situation. But when we do force-on-force, what we usually see is someone staying in the same spot and drawing their weapon or drawing their weapon as they are backing up.

And they get shot!

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You need to realize, the FIRST thing you should do is disrupt the shooter. The best way to do this is by moving laterally. So move to your right or left, not forward or backwards because that makes you an easy target.

Can you move and shoot

So the drill I want you to practice is:

  • Pretend an attacker has just drawn a weapon
  • Start moving to your left or right
  • As you’re moving practice drawing your weapon (DO NOT STOP MOVING)
  • And lastly get shots on your target while moving

You need to train for this situation, the more training you do, the more likely you will react in the proper manor when your life is at risk.

Stay Frosty,

Sgt Nick Rians