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Todays article is coming from Ghost Ring Tactical Instructor Romeo Santiago. If you haven’t already read his bio (Click here for full bio), you will find out that he has been in some pretty hairy situations from his time over in Ramadi fighting ISIS and through out his law enforcement career.

So when it comes to situational awareness, this man knows what he is talking about. This is not JUST theory. This was learned from being in the SHIT!

I’ll let Romeo take it from here…

Situational awareness can be defined as the ability to perceive and comprehend what is going on around you and reasonably conclude what will happen next.

It is the foundation for successful decision-making in a wide variety of emergency situations we may find ourselves in.

Below are some of the things I learned along the way that has helped me maintain a level of situational awareness during situations from gunfights, crowd control, to just attending a dynamic type of training.

Ghost Ring Tactical Blog
Ghost Ring Tactical Blog

Keep things simple.

We have all seen the fancy tacticool techniques and tactics from all the various forms of social media. We may have even attended training from certain instructors that teach these fancy techniques. However, if you have to do 20 different steps to accomplish one thing, doing those 20 steps will undoubtedly distract you from what is important.

Learn how your body reacts to stress.

Understand that your vision will narrow and your hearing will be muffled under a stress stimulus. You will not be able to rely on your vision and hearing like you did prior to that stimulus. You must now be deliberate in scanning and listening for potential threats.

Ghost Ring Tactical Blog
Ghost Ring Tactical Blog


Know and do what is important to you first at that given emergency situation. For example is it more important for you to get out of the vehicle first or immediately engage the threat then get out during an ambush.

I know these tips may seem basic to you, but what we have seen from real life experiences, is keeping it simple is what keeps you ALIVE!

Stay Frosty,

Sgt Nick Rians