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Time and time again we see it…the dreaded slapping of the trigger! No matter how many times we cover it in the classroom, it’s bound to happen.

You get up on the line, you’re nervous, you’re excited, and poof…the fundamentals you KNOW go right out the window.

You don’t do a nice steady squeeze, you jerk that trigger back and BANG…your round impacts and not where you want it to.

This is VERY common, but something that should be trained.

Something I do, when I’m getting warmed up, is I talked to myself (don’t worry, I don’t answer myself).

I tell myself, “slow pull, slow pull, slow pull” until that first round goes off. This helps slow me down and calm the excitement of going live on the line.

Ghost Ring Tactical Blog

I usually do this through the first mag and maybe even the second.

The worst thing you can do is get up on the line with a bunch of other guys and mash your trigger on that first course of fire, because you know everyone is looking at each others targets to see who the best shot is.

And if you are at one of our Tactical Camps, you really don’t want me in your ear whispering “slow pull, slow pull, slow pull”, because I love getting into guys personal space and making them feel uncomfortable.

So try this little trick out next time you are at the range and see if you get more accurate shots with that first mag.

Stay Frosty,

Sgt Nick Rians

Ghost Ring Tactical Blog