everyday carry items

What you carry on your person on a daily basis could be the different between life and death for yourself or someone else.

I know we don’t hear it very often when a good samaritan saves the day because the media would rather be covering some other doom and gloom story, but it happens rather often.

If you are able to get a concealed weapon permit in your state…DO IT!

I currently reside in the communist state of California and I have had my CCW for over 10 years now. I had to jump through fire hoops to get mine, but it was worth it. So no excuses if your state allows them.

So once you are able to carry concealed, what else are you going to carry?

I keep it super simple. Here is my daily carry…

Ghost Ring Tactical Blog
  • Glock 43x
  • Spare mag
  • Tier 1 holster
  • Minimalist wallet
  • Knife
  • Streamlight MicroStream Flashlight
  • Oakley Straight Jacket sunglasses
  • iPhone

This is what I won’t leave home without!

NOW…I do carry a lot of extra gear in my small day pack (Hazard 4 Plan-C pack), I keep hidden in my truck. This is what I have in that pack…

Ghost Ring Tactical Blog
  • Extra ammo
  • Full med kit with 2 tourniquets
  • Extra sunglasses
  • 100 oz of water
  • Sharpie
  • Zip ties
  • 550 cord
  • Lighter
  • Down jacket
  • Fixed knife
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • 2 MRE’s

Hope this info gives you some ideas on your own daily carry and day pack. It’s better to be OVER prepared and not need it, than to be UNDER prepared and need it.

Stay Frosty,

Sgt Nick Rians