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A lot of people ask the question when attending our Tactical Camps, “What kind of light do I need? A weapon mounted light or handheld?”

And the answer is both…each type of light has its advantages and disadvantages.

Let me explain…

Weapon Mounted Light Advantages

  • You can keep both hands on the weapon while manipulating your light.

  • If you have your gun, you have your light. You are not taking the chance of forgetting it at home.
Ghost Ring Tactical Blog
Ghost Ring Tactical Blog

Weapon Mounted Light Disadvantages

  • Bad guys shot at lights. You can not get the light away from your body.

  • You can’t use it as a regular flashlight. Remember…whatever your light is shinning on, your muzzle is pointed at it as well.

  • It’s difficult to work the lights on/ lights off tactic for room clearing that disorientates any bad guys inside.

Handheld Flashlight Advantages

  • You are able to use a flashlight technique that gets the light away from your body since bad guys shoot at lights.

  • You can easily transition from light and muzzle pointing at something to just flashlight if the item is not a threat.

  • Flashlight can be used as a striking weapon.

  • Easy to use the lights on/ lights off tactic as long as your light has a tail cap switch.
Ghost Ring Tactical Blog
Ghost Ring Tactical Blog

Handheld Flashlight Disadvantages

  • You can only get ONE hand on your weapon, so your shooting platform is not as stable.

  • One more item to add to your daily carry.

I hope this helps in understanding why we need both types of lights and the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

With this knowledge you should be better prepared for each scenario you may find yourself in.


Stay Frosty,

Sgt Nick Rians