better use of cover
We have been working with a lot of LE guys and gals lately with shooting from behind vehicles/cover/barricade/structures. Here is a few tips based on issues that we frequently see:

#1 – Conform to your cover. It will never conform to you. It will never get bigger or move to ensure you get meat behind it. Move and contort your body to use that piece of cover effectively while still maintaining a stable shooting platform.

Ghost Ring Tactical Blog
Ghost Ring Tactical Blog

#2 – Keep your gun up and continue to look over your sights. Would you put your hands down in a fist fight? Then why would you hold your gun low in a gunfight.

#3 – Have enough space from the vehicle/barricade/cover/structure to be able to maneuver your gun around without having to lower or raise.

Ghost Ring Tactical Blog

Hope these tips help you in your continued training. Remember…people sleep peaceably at night because rough men (and women) stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

Stay Frosty,

Sgt Nick Rians