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Have you done any live fire training at night? If not, don’t feel bad. Most people have NEVER shot their weapon in the dark, even though 80% of shootings happen at night

It’s a WHOLE different ball game when the lights are out.


  • You have to FEEL for your weapon
  • You have to know where your gear is at
  • You have to be able to load your weapon without looking
  • You have to be able to clear a malfunction by just feeling
  • Are you going to use weapon mounted light?
  • Are you going to be holding a flashlight?
  • What flashlight technique is your GO TO?
Ghost Ring Tactical Blog

These are all things you need to think about when shooting at night. You would be surprised how many veteran shooters we get at the Tactical Camps that just fall apart once we go LIVE at night.

Ghost Ring Tactical Blog

I KNOW…it’s not an easy thing trying to find a place you can train at night. That is why we offer this at ALL our Tactical Camps.

You will learn and practice all the bullet points I listed above.

But if you are still NOT ready to join us at one of our Camps, you can try this drill and see how you do.

The next time you do your dry fire practice, do it with a blind fold on.

  • Practice drawing your weapon
  • Practice running a reload
  • Practice your immediate action drill if your weapon goes “CLICK”

This little drill will help you prepare for a gun fight at night…

Stay Frosty!!

Sgt Nick Rians

Ghost Ring Tactical Blog