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In the last segments of this series, I covered topics regarding selecting a rifle, caliber, scope etc. In this segment, I will cover a little bit about bipods. Bipods are one of the critical items needed to build a stable shooting platform. They support the front end of your rifle while shooting in the prone and also in the kneeling, sitting and even standing. Of course this depends on what type of structure you will be shooting on.

The saying that you get what you pay for holds true to bipods as well. You don’t necessarily have to spend a boat load of money but the bipod you select must have some key features, made of good quality materials and robust. With that being said, you cannot expect a good quality bipod from Walmart.

There are two key features you should look for in a bipod. The first is easily extendable legs that lock securely once in the desired position and a cant adjustment that can also be locked once in the desired position.

Ghost Ring Tactical Blog
Being able to extend the legs of your bipod gives you the ability to fine-tune your shooting position. Generally your bipod should be around 4.5 inches compressed and extend out to 9 inches or more. Some bipods extend much longer but those are used for shooting in a sitting or kneeling position. If you find yourself needing a bipod primarily for sitting or kneeling because you are a hunter, a tripod system may be a better option but that is for another segment.
Ghost Ring Tactical Blog
Look for quality spring-loaded mechanisms and legs with notches that these mechanisms lock into. The notches not only function as a robust way to lock the mechanism, it can also serve as a way to determine that you are even on both bipod legs. Stay away from bipods with none extendable legs and or screw type locking mechanisms. These mechanisms tend to loosen with recoil. Cant is basically the left and right angle of your rifle as it lays it front of you while you are in your shooting position. You must be able to adjust the cant to compensate for an uneven surface you set your rifle on. Just like with the legs, these must also be locked in place once the desired position is found.

The two most popular bipods you will see are the Atlas bipods by B&T Industries and the HBRM series by Harris Bipods. The reason these are popular is due to them having the right features, built using proven tough materials and are robust.

Ghost Ring Tactical Blog
Ghost Ring Tactical Blog

The Harris HBRM offers a simplistic spring loaded deployment but is limited to just folded in and out position. For most shooting scenarios these is an excellent choice and have been used by law enforcement and military units for many years.

The Atlas bipod legs have multiple position settings. They can even be set so that one is forward and the other back. This is useful if you are shooting on a curved surface like a 55 gallon barrel on its side. These bipods have also seen service with law enforcement and military units but seem to be more popular with the competitive shooting world.

There are numerous other great bipods out in the market today. Whichever bipod you chose, just ensure that they have the features that I covered and are suited for your application


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