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The cops aren’t going to protect you. Most of the time, they arrive AFTER the crime has been committed.

Now don’t take this as me talking bad about law enforcement…it’s NOT!

I back my boys in blue. What I’m saying is, they can’t be EVERYWHERE all the time.

If you want to protect yourself and your family, YOU have to do it yourself. Are YOU prepared for this?

We see on the news all the time about people being attacked, mass shootings, break in’s, and people just being evil to each other.

I’m a strong believer in not relying on other people. I want to be able to do EVERYTHING myself.

If I don’t know how to do something, I’ll find someone to teach me.

Ghost Ring Tactical Blog
Ghost Ring Tactical Blog
Ghost Ring Tactical Blog

I myself look for any and all courses I can attend that may teach me something new.

There are A LOT of courses out there.

I know I don’t know it all and if I can learn one new thing from each course I take, that may safe my life or someone else…it’s worth it!

So stop today and think about what areas of your survival skills that need to be sharpened?

Ghost Ring Tactical Blog

Maybe it’s rifle skills, maybe it’s unarmed combat, maybe it’s first aid skills…

Whatever it may be, figure it out and search for the right people to help you hone those skills.

If our Tactical Camp is what you are looking for GREAT, we would love to have you out.

If it’s someone else’s course, GOOD…just get out there and keep training to make yourself better.


Stay Frosty,
Sgt Nick Rians

Ghost Ring Tactical Blog